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Little Fish is a Melbourne based full-service residential property development company. We specialise in client-side project management.

Our goal is to take the stress and the unknown out of residential property development for our clients (even if that means a few sleepless nights on our end!). We dedicate the time to understanding exactly what outcomes you are looking to achieve, and we do whatever it takes to ensure your project is a success.

We are obsessed with building first-class developments, working with great people and providing unparalleled transparency and service that makes your life easier.

The clients we work with are the most important thing to us, and we work damn hard to deliver positive results on every project.

We manage the entire property development process, including site acquisition (if required), development finance, town planning, demolition, and architectural drawings. We work with the best builders to get the developments built, and we can even get them sold if that’s the plan.

You’ll barely have to lift a finger because we take care of every step from start to finish removing all the stress and minimising your risk. We’ve completed hundreds of residential property development projects all over Melbourne, perfecting our process along the way.

For each project, we partner with a close network of industry experts established over many (many) years. We know exactly how much things should cost and how long they should take, plus we get wholesale rates from all of our suppliers, meaning we can get your project done faster and cheaper than you can if you did it yourself.

You might have the confidence to complete a project on your own, but you are still much better off using our done-for-you service. Experienced developers understand that there is still a lot of risk and stress involved. We take this away for you so you can kick back while we manage the entire project on your behalf. The hardest thing you’ll need to do is decide what you’ll spend the spoils on.

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property developers alice spriggs

“In the end it really allowed us to maximise our returns, and we’ve done a lot better than expected in the process”

Alice Spriggs - Williamstown
scott gordon property developer

“The feasibility was set around 14% on project, by the end of the project it wound up in the region of 30% and it wasn’t all market growth – it was an amazing result for us”

Scott Gordon - Carnegie
residential property developer melbourne

“We had prices that were considerably higher than we first anticipated with building costs at 2.3-2.4 million dollars, we recently signed the contract at 1.9 million without changing the fabric of what we were trying to achieve. We have no hesitations recommending Little Fish.”

Matt Bracken & Andrew Hall – Hawthorn East
residential property developers melbourne

“Little Fish over achieved on the first development which has lead to me referring other clients to them over the journey. Their project management style and pricing has actually saved us money over that journey which is a nice way to say that your project manager hasn’t cost you anything.”

Robert Rushford – Rushford & Mathison Advisory
residential developers

“Whether you are looking to purchase a property off the plan or you are looking to do a project that Little Fish can help and guide you through I don’t think you’ll find a better company out there to make it happen for you.”

Dean Stanley – Sweeney
alice spriggs developer
property developers scott gordon
residential property developer
residential property developers
residential developers

Keeping you connected

Get 100% Transparency During Your Residential Property Development Project Using Our Custom Client Portal.

Our unique software keeps you informed – and us accountable during your development project. Log in from your device to access the most important files, interactive chat, live cost sheets, the projects important files, interactive chat, live cost sheets, the projects scoreboard and latest updates from out onsite.

You can be an ‘arm-chair developer and enjoy watching your project come together, step by step.

There’s no obligation to check in though, if you don’t want to. You have the option of knowing as much or as little as you like. You can ‘set and forget’ and only check in when you feel the need – or get daily updates – the choice is yours!

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