34 Charlotte Street, Newport

34 charlotte street newport

34 Charlotte Street Newport is located 7kms south-west of Melbourne’s central business district.

It’s approx. 10 minutes from the CBD via vehicle and only 20 minutes to Flinders Street station by train.

It’s a 560 square meter block with an east-west orientation. The goal is to maximise the site with a contemporary side by side dual occupancy design.


The new dwellings will include 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 2 cars (single garages) with approx. 25 squares of living each.

Construction Updates

20.01.2022 - Builder will resume activities on site next week, completing rough-in and preparing for plastering.

Previous Updates

09.12.2021 - Ducted Heating and Cooling, Plumbing rough-in and external rendering in progress.
25.11.2021 - Lock-up stage complete, rough-in and plastering to start next.
11.11.2021 - Low roof complete and GF cladding installation in progress.
28.10.2021 - The first floor render wall and cladding completed.
14.10.2021 - First floor facade rendering in progress and low roof to be completed soon after.
30.09.2021 - Site has been closed for two weeks (COVID shutdown) back onsite next week.
16.09.2021 - Scaffold erected and works of FF facade in progress.
02.09.2021 - Low rear roof trussers installation in progress and first-floor facade works to follow.
19.08.2021 - First-floor facade works postponed due to COVID-19 restrictions, to resume shortly.
06.08.2021 - Facade works in progress, ground floor brickwork complete.
22.07.2021 - Roof complete and sky lights installation in progress.
08.07.2021 - Framework almost complete, facia and gutter installation in progress.
24.06.2021 - First-floor frame in progress, roof structure to follow.
10.06.2021 - Ground floor frame complete and first-floor frame underway.
27.05.2021 - Framework on the ground floor in progress and party wall installation to follow.
13.05.2021 - Garage brickwork in progress, frameworks to start next.
29.04.2021 - Slab complete and frame to start next.
15.04.2021 - Slab trench excavation complete and formwork to follow.
01.04.2021 - Drainage complete, excavation for slab preparation to follow.
18.03.2021 - Inground plumbing installation in progress, stormwater drainage to follow.
11.03.2021 - Site set out and electrical run complete.
03.03.2021 - Site set out underway.
26.02.2021 - Demolition complete, site ready for construction commencement.

Progress Shots

Meet the Builder

The builder for this project is MOD2 Building Co.

mod building co

Founded in 2016 and driven by passion and determination MOD2 Building have quickly established their position within Melbourne’s competitive construction and development industry.

Co-founders Tony and Vanessa Modola have proven to be an unstoppable force with one mission, to deliver successful outcomes on the back of stress-free experiences.

Preliminary Drawings

34 charlotte street 1
34 charlotte street newport
34 charlotte street 2
34 charlotte street 3

Original Dwelling

34 Charlotte street Newport 5
34 Charlotte street Newport 2
34 Charlotte street Newport
34 Charlotte street Newport 3
34 Charlotte street Newport 4


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