This week on the Little Fish Podcast, we welcome Aaron Kyle, founder and director of Build Hatch a web platform and community dedicated to helping the construction industry. He talks about the current state of construction in Australia and shares his predictions for the next five years

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03:15 Where it began
06:35 Going through Uni
10:30 The path revealed itself
13:24 What took me from the site to law
21:11 Anyone can do anything
22:32 The birth of build hatch
33:01 How we’re battling the building supply shortage
36:55 There’s a huge barrier to entry for building supplies
38:18 Success story: Hugh Charles clothing
41:18 Life Long Learners Survive
44:12 No off switch
46:49 The next five years in construction
49:50 Down have to go back to the office? (working from home)
54:46 Why is there a skill shortage?

Guest Intro

This guy is the Founder and Director of Build Hatch. A platform dedicated to helping people and sharing stories about life in the building and construction industry.

The guest has a unique perspective having worked both sides of the fence. He started out in construction and then pivoted into construction law.

And he might have to dumb it down for you two blokes haha!

He travels the country every week talking to builders, tradespeople, clients, investors, property developers and architects. No one has a better handle on what’s happening out in the industry better than this guy.

That’s why we needed to get him in. I’m excited boys! Have it up… Aaron Kyle

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