Are your 2024 fitness goals on track? Brace yourself for an eye-opening episode with Aaron Smith, the mastermind behind KX Pilates.

Aaron’s story is a wild ride of determination and success. Discover how his $8K start-up transformed into a global fitness empire, reshaping Australia’s fitness landscape and conquering the world stage. Let’s get it!

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00:01:39 – Intro
00:01:54 – Welcome KX Pilates CEO: Aaron Smith
00:02:17 – Bringing Pilates to Australia
00:11:31 – Staying Ahead of the Fitness Game
00:13:31 – Pilates vs. Yoga: Understanding the Difference
00:16:54 – How Do I Incorporate Pilates into my Workout Schedule?
00:21:39 – How Aaron Built an Empire
00:38:11 – Covid’s Impact on the Fitness Industry
00:43:53 – KX Goes International
00:59:23 – What’s Next?
01:04:51 – Rapid Fire Questions and Answers
01:07:31 – Until Next Time

Guest Intro

Today’s guest, Aaron Smith, is a trailblazing entrepreneur in the fitness industry whose journey from a passionate personal trainer to the founder of Australia’s largest Pilates franchise, KX Pilates, is nothing short of inspiring.

With a background in science, specialising in physiology and pharmacology, he ventured from Australia to the USA and immersed himself in various fitness cultures. His discovery of dynamic pilates in London sparked the creation of a unique fitness concept that blends traditional reformer Pilates with cardio and endurance elements, giving birth to KX Pilates.

Overcoming initial financial challenges and a steep learning curve in marketing, he has successfully grown his brainchild, KX Pilates, into over 100 studios globally, profoundly impacting lives with the philosophy of continuous improvement.

More than just a fitness mogul, he is a mentor and visionary who believes in the power of community and innovation, having transformed the landscape of boutique fitness.

Welcome to the pod, Aaron Smith!

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