Uncover the secrets of profitable townhouse development with Pete, Guru Gav, and Claire! This episode is jam-packed with valuable insights on advanced feasibility tactics and intriguing stories, from Guru Gav’s powerful spreadsheet techniques to Claire’s fast-tracked council submission strategies. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or a curious beginner, tune in now for expert tips to boost your success!

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00:00 – What’s In Store
01:24 – Site Insiders
02:29 – Site Analysis: 18 Grieve Street, Macleod, VIC
06:19 – Auction Triumph
12:39 – Problem Solving 101
20:59 – Project Snapshot
22:35 – Navigating the Council: Submitting Plans
24:53 – Recap of Our Floor Plans
26:52 – Crunch Time: Rethinking Plans
37:04 – Countdown to Success: RFI Checklist
39:06 – Facades: Daly Street
41:41 – Episode Summary

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