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What is Property Development Finance?

by Peter Kelly | All, Finance
what is property development finance

Unless you can afford to pay for your development with cash. You’ve usually got to rely on a form of credit which you then pay off over time. Millions of Australians borrow money every day. A basic example is using a credit card to cover an expense you don’t have the funds on hand toRead More

How to Profit From The Property Market Cycle in Australia

by Peter Kelly | All, Developer Insights
property market cycle australia

There’s a reason people get involved in the residential property market or residential property development. And that’s profit. At the end of the day, it all comes to income. We’ve discussed before the difference between investing in property and turning a profit by developing. And how the property developer always comes out on top. OneRead More

Property Development Finance in Melbourne Explained

by Peter Kelly | All, Finance
property development finance in melbourne

Do you live in Melbourne, Australia? If so, you’re one of the lucky ones. This city has been voted the world’s most liveable multiple times in recent years, and there’s a reason for that. With stunning green spaces, state of the art sports and entertainment facilities, more eateries, bars, cafes and pop up shops thanRead More

How Residential Property Development Generates More Wealth Than Investing in The Rental Market

by Peter Kelly | All, Developer Insights
residential property development

Generating wealth is the great Australian dream. We’re all trying to get ahead – through work, side hustles and other various ways of making money. The goal of self-funded retirement is attractive, after all. Who wouldn’t want to travel the country or the world once they’ve finished their career? Over the last few decades, investingRead More