Amanda Goff, aka Samantha X, shares her journey to becoming Australia’s highest-paid escort. She breaks down the business side of the sex industry and shares her journey of self-discovery, including her diagnosis of bipolar II. Welcome to the Little Fish Podcast Amanda!

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0:01:15 Email pleasantries
0:05:35 Welcome back to the podcast, introducing Amanda Goff
0:08:56 Who was Amanda before the madness and her career?
0:11:30 Looking back, things that influenced the decision
0:10:37 What was the first time like?
0:15:35 Is it really easy money?
0:16:15 Do you see the real person?
0:17:15 Do guys see an escort to vent?
0:18:30 Is it a dangerous line of work?
0:20:22 How did you start earning so much?
0:21:15 A Hollywood A-lister story / high profile clients
0:22:42 How did Samantha X come to life
0:23:16 Amanda’s books and catching feels, and turning emotions off
0:26:05 Creating an escort agency business and employing others
0:27:45 What regulations are in place for an escort agency?
0:30:25 Tax implications and super with sex work
0:31:30 Bipolar diagnosis and Samantha X
0:33:30 Suicidal ideation and staying strong, drugs and sobriety
0:35:25 Mentoring and advice to younger women
0:37:05 Pivotal moment at a BBQ
0:39:10 50/50 of men who just want companionship and not sex
0:43:20 Did Amanda chase the money or have a financial goal?
0:46:00 Are there stereotypical clients?
0:49:19 A favourite client
0:51:18 Finding a niche in what men want, and what does the future hold?
0:53:30 The thrill vs sex working becoming a boring job
0:54:30 A funny story
0:55:13 Would Amanda do onlyfans?
0:56:35 Why didn’t you supercharge your business or chase money?
0:58:07 Support network and friends and ruffled feathers due to media exposure
0:59:05 Would you do it again?
1:00:34 Sexual assault, learning boundaries and saying no/feeling unsafe
1:01:45 Helping others
1:04:15 Manufacturing interest and finding beauty in everyone
1:06:42 Thanks and goodbye

Guest Intro

Today’s guest is a best-selling author, regular TV guest, and journalist. She is also regarded as one of Australia’s most prominent escorts.

At the height of her career, not only was our next guest the highest-paid escort in the industry, charging up to $1,500 an hour, but she’s proud to say she was saving marriages in the process – all under the alias of ‘Samantha X’.

After confronting a tumultuous relationship with alcohol and receiving a life-changing bipolar disorder diagnosis, she finally hung up her stilettoes. She closed her escort agency Samantha X After Dark, to pursue a more ‘traditional’ life.

Today, she works as a columnist and journalist who recently had her life optioned for film, give it up for Amanda Goff.

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