AI has the potential to revolutionise everything from communication to interaction and technology use, but it also raises massive concerns. Meet Anthony Wymond, a well-known figure in Melbourne’s creative scene. As Ignite Online’s Founder and Creative Director, he has led the web space for twenty years. With the ongoing debate about AI’s impact, what does Anthony think the future holds?

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00:00:49 – Welcoming Anthony Wymond
00:01:29 – Benny & Ant Go Way Back
00:03:29 – Website Design
00:05:46 – Artificial Intelligence and the Changing Landscape of Website Design
00:08:27 – Reaching Global Clients
00:12:05 – What Are You Like As a Boss?
00:17:45 – Is AI a Positive Development?
00:21:21 – The Dark Side of AI
00:28:56 – Covid Hits
00:36:34 – Buying A Townhouse in Abbotsford
00:41:33 – Australia’s Property Market
00:47:50 – PK’s Random Reels
00:59:33 – How Do Find Being a Leader?
01:03:10 – Rapid Fire Questions
01:07:10 – Outro

Guest Intro

In this week’s episode of Little Fish and Friends, we’re joined by a guest who has spent over twenty-five years in business conversations with Benny. A prominent figure in Australia’s web development scene for a significant portion of that time and is now deeply engaged in the rapidly evolving world of AI. In this field, many of us are playing catch-up.

Please welcome the founder of Ignite Online, Anthony Wymond.

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