Unpack the magic of Bae Juice with its creators, Tim O’Sullivan & Liam Gostenik. Discover the genius behind this $4 miracle fruit-juice, scientifically proven to reduce hangovers. These guys are absolute legends. They’ve been on a wild ride – let’s get into it!


0:28 Season 3 Rumors
3:42 Quick Thank You
4:40 Introducing Liam and Tim of Bae Juice
6:46 Tim and Liam’s Early Years
10:44 Leaving Uni and Getting Jobs
12:46 Starting Bae Juice
20:44 Designing a Masterpiece Logo
21:53 Selling the First Round of Shipments
22:59 Getting Lucky
24:11 The Early Days of Bae Juice
27:50 It Just Works – the science
30:54 Joining Forces & Getting In Stores
36:29 Educating the Public and Marketing
44:08 Surprise Drinks!
45:41 What’s Next?
50:06 Growing the Company
56:24 Making Decks
1:00:59 Making Pears Cool
1:07:45 Margins on Bae Juice
1:09:24 Final Words

Guest Intro

Today’s guests are changing the game on how we deal with hangovers—one pear at a time.
Meet the geniuses behind a drink that’s much more than refreshing.

With an enzyme that accelerates alcohol metabolism, this is the drink you never knew you needed!!!…. but wouldn’t want to live without.

Starting as a side hustle and giving out 10,000 samples, they’ve catapulted into over 4,000 stores nationwide, including Dan Murphy’s and Woolworths.

With fresh investment and a new distribution deal in the States, these two legends have secured a fast track to the Bahamas.

The secret is officially out, Benny boy!

Give it up for the founders of Bae Juice, Liam Gostenik and Tim O’Sullivan.

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