This week on DEVTNK, Pete shares building cost forecasts and ways to beat build costs in 2024, offering critical insights for investors. Gav discusses his latest acquisition—a $2.6 million three-townhouse site—highlighting key site identification strategies.

Claire rounds out the episode with a detailed analysis of floor plans from a current townhouse project in our Project Snapshot segment. Watch now for actionable advice and expert analysis tailored for real estate developers and investors.

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00:00 – Welcome Back to the Dev Tank!
01:01 – Market Shift: Build Prices
03:31 – Insider Secrets: Unlocking Valuable Insights
04:05 – 10 Daily Road, Sandringham Spotlight
07:41 – Revealing Site Orientation
09:53 – Space Optimisation Strategies
10:14 – Preliminary Feasibility Assessment
13:45 – Comprehensive Project Overview
15:43 – Project Snapshot
16:20 – Key Floor Plan Elements
20:36 – Detailed Dwelling Plan
25:26 – And That’s A Wrap: Finalised Project Plans
31:00 – Industrial Interiors
33:20 – Conclusion: Stay Tuned for More Insights Next Week!

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