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A little while ago, we did a feature article detailing some of the top residential property developers in the game.

We outlined why we think they are the absolute cream of the crop. We were happy to give these organisations some press because we believe in giving kudos where it’s due.

Yet in that article, we focused on some of the more prominent players – companies that specialise in larger, higher density, or mixed-use developments.

After that article, we got together and thought – why don’t we do a feature on some killer boutique property developers in Melbourne?

There are a few out there that are killing it when it comes to their approach.

So, we’ve put together this useful list for you. Read on to discover six developers in Melbourne who are smashing it.

So that you know, we consider ourselves here at Little Fish to be boutique property developers. This means that we specialise in smaller, residential property developments like townhouses and units.

We’ll focus on similar companies in this article.

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A Reminder to Go with The Experts

There are plenty of outfits around happy to call themselves property developers in Brighton or wherever! Some builders even claim they are developers and that they can manage a project for you.

Remember that not everyone has the chops they claim to have. You need to do your research and pick a company that knows its stuff inside and out.

That’s why we’ve put this list together, to help you get to know who is who in the zoo.

This list isn’t ranked, by the way. We reckon each of these guys are killing it equally well.

1. Piccolo

Piccolo focuses on how people live and design their homes accordingly. They have a background in property design and construction, which gives them their unique approach.

They specialise in luxury homes with an exceptional eye for detail.

Founder and History

Piccolo was founded by Mima, alongside her late husband, Martin. The company has a strong, 50-year history and began by constructing homes in suburban Melbourne.

Muma runs the business alongside Michael, who has designed multi-award-winning developments.

What Sets Them Apart

Piccolo brings a progressive approach to designing affordable luxury homes and a pleasure to live in. They have a tight-knit network of collaborators who all share a common goal and so their end product is a stellar example of how projects should wind up.

Flagship Project

Piccolo’s flagship project, according to Little Fish, although it was a tough choice for us, is the D1 development.

Located in the inner-city, it is a luxury apartment residence project with a hospitality space beneath and a communal lounge.

It features modern design, form, and functionality coupled with premium quality. It is a gold standard of urban living.

2. Cobild

Let’s keep working through some great boutique property developers in Melbourne. Next up on our list is Cobild, a combined development, and construction company.

These guys are detail mad, with a focus on the small things that make up a more significant project. They combine this with standout creativity to craft some gorgeous projects.

Founder and History

Cobild has a 25-year history when considering its founder’s – Coby’s – experience in the sector. This is coupled with a young Director, Rotem, who is full of energy and passion for the industry.

Together they form an innovative team that adapts new technology and has a finger on the pulse of the latest trends.

What Sets Them Apart

As mentioned above, Cobild combines old school experience with modern tech and innovation. They also take a user experience approach, with the “user” being the person who is going to live in the homes or use the space.

With a UX approach, they can create dwellings designed for optimum enjoyment.

Flagship Project

These guys have so many quality projects to choose from so it was difficult selecting one but I’ve gone with East Grove in Glen Iris in South East Melbourne.

3. Burbank Urban

Another company at the top of their game. Part of the Burbank Group, a larger conglomerate of companies, Burbank Urban, creates many different types of urban living dwellings, including townhouses, apartments, mixed-use, and even urban renewal projects.

While they do manage more substantial projects, we have included them here because they are Melbourne townhouse developers and they are a great example of boutique property developers Melbourne.

They have a flair for creating stylish dwellings that suit the modern individual.

Flagship Project

Verse is an award-winning, medium-density project. Designed by Genton Architecture, these townhouses feature commercial design principles adapted to residential settings.

They have vibrant living areas and truly unique stairwell voids that set these homes apart.

Surrounded by an internal courtyard for outdoor lifestyles, they also feature private open spaces.

4. Milieu Property

Milieu are Collingwood locals who take an intelligent angle to urban development. They create stellar residential and mixed-use projects that are shaped by their local surroundings.

Founders and History

Milieu was founded by Michael McCormack and Ross Troon in 2010. Ross, in particular, has extensive experience in both the construction and property development industries.

Flagship Project

Located in the hip suburb of Fitzroy, their Napier St development is a standout collection of 14 homes.

Inspired by the Australian Modernist period, these dwellings are nature-inspired and intelligently designed, ideally suited for inner-city professionals.

5. Spacious Group

Are you still keen on hearing about the best boutique property developers Melbourne? If so, read on because we have a few left.

Now property developers should build stylish properties, that’s a given, right? Well, Spacious Group goes above and beyond here.

They are defined by their utmost dedication to style.

What Sets Them Apart

Like us here at Little Fish, Spacious Group knows that in this game, time is money.

They are dedicated to delivering projects on time as each day has a dollar (or much more) value attached.

Flagship Project

West Melbourne is a high-rise project but with a local-living style approach. This apartment complex offers space, natural daylight, and luxury.

6. Pace

Pace is all local crew. Their staff are all from Melbourne. And they are focused on improving Melbourne. They build dwellings that are for Melbourne and local residents. They don’t try to fit square pegs into round holes.

All their projects take into account the surroundings and the character of the suburb. Because of this you’ll never see a Pace development that looks out of place, unlike some other eyesores.


Pace was founded by Shane, who has a lifetime of industry experience, which he brings to the table. He has a background in finance, business, and urban design publications.

A born leader, he is the reason Pace has made this list today.

What Sets Them Apart

Pace is committed to continuous improvement and quality. They’re also subdivision builders and developers, which means they do the build as well as managing the development.

This gives tight control over the property development steps in the process because they don’t have to negotiate with a builder.

Builders love variations, and a Pace project will have net zero variations.

Flagship Project

51 Langridge is a bit of a different project to feature as it is a commercial build, but it is so breathtaking that we couldn’t resist.

It may as well be residential for how warm, open, and inviting it is despite its industrial fit-out.


This is by no means an exhaustive list of top boutique property developers in Melbourne, but the above companies are what we consider the cream of the crop.

Here is another list of property developers in Melbourne that is worth checking out. And some Carnegie builders and Brighton East property developers in case you are interested.

And for us, that’s a big deal, as we value our work highly.

If you are thinking about engaging one of them, check out these questions you should ask before committing.

But praise is given where it’s due, we reckon, so we’re happy to share this list with our readers.