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Are you interested in developing residential property for profit?

Perhaps you’re sitting on an older house on a large parcel of land that you have thought about subdividing.

Or perhaps you’re looking for a suitable investment to grow yourself a nest egg. There’s nothing wrong with thinking about setting yourself up in life.

Here at Little Fish, we are a boutique property developers Melbourne who are dedicated to supporting our clients. We do this in two ways.

First, as property development project managers we help people successfully develop their land by project managing residential property developments on their behalf.

This usually means a knockdown and rebuild of two or more homes on one lot.

Our other way of working is by educating people every step of the way to pull off a multi unit development in Melbourne.

Now there are lots of players in this game. So we want to be clear about just what type of company is a boutique one.

There are some big boy players in this game too, who aren’t exactly small operators.

Before we get into the definitions if you need some clarity around what a property developer is check this article out.

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The Definition of Boutique

For example, here at Little Fish we consider ourselves boutique property developers. This is because we specialise in small to medium-sized multi unit property developments.

development like this

These are typically side by side dual occupancy developments. What is a dual occupancy? For us it means building two to four dwellings on one lot.

Other, larger development companies focus on three or four storey apartment buildings. Yet these companies might consider themselves boutique when compared to high-rise apartment developers. So, like many things in life, the term boutique is open for interpretation.

We reckon our small size (Little Fish, after all) is a great thing. It means that we can provide a tailored, personalised service. When you deal with us, you don’t become a number. You deal directly with the directors and general managers.

And we’re damn passionate about delivering successful, profitable projects. For every client, and on time.

All that said and done, we here at Little Fish consider ourselves boutique property developers based on the below four reasons …

Project Size

development size

Our focus is always on small to mid-sized residential developments. When we were brainstorming our company name “Little Fish” stood out.

We chose it because from the get go our goal was always to become a boutique property developer. We wanted to deliver to big fish standards, but for regular Australians.

As the saying goes, Little Fish are sweet.

Our clients are usually regular folk who happen to have a lot big enough to develop.

We help mums, dads, couples and others achieve what used to be the domain of the wealthy – a residential development project that is profitable.

The Size of Our Business

Another thing that makes Little Fish a boutique property development firm is our business size.

We’re not bloated with overheads and huge teams. We do all our marketing, PR, finance, payroll and other business functions in-house. This allows us to truly focus on our clients.

our founders

We provide a personalised service to all our investors and clients. Our founders, Ben and Pete, are always on the front line. They lead the way for the rest of the company. They are dead-set passionate about what we do in heaps of ways.

This means that we will always be a boutique property development company. We have no desire to move away from managing projects and being on the front line of each build.

Our Clients and Where We Work

Our clients are everyday landowners looking to try their hand at residential property development.

So our focus is predominantly the inner suburbs of Melbourne such as bayside and Brighton. This again suggests that we are a boutique property development agency.

You won’t see Little Fish signage on a huge block development in the middle of the city. Even though our investors can be high net worth individuals we don’t deal with big investment groups, managed funds or hedge funds.

We work with ordinary people who happen to develop their wealth with our assistance.

Check out this case study on a dual occupancy project we completed for a client at the end of 2019.

Our Relationships

With our extensive network of relationships, we are able to offer a personalised service that offers value for money.

lf network

We have working relationships with Melbourne townhouse builders, lawyers, sales agents, surveyors, interior designers and architects.

These are often boutique firms in their own right. We leverage these connections for our clients benefit, again offering a tailored solution that fits our client’s needs.

Looking to Engage A Company Like This?

If you’re looking for boutique property developers in Melbourne to help with your next project, then you’re in the right place.

If you are looking for property developers south-east Melbourne, or Brighton East or anywhere in greater Melbourne, we have got you covered. Perhaps you require a Carnegie builder.

Hopefully, the above article has demonstrated how Little Fish sits apart from the big boys.

pk onsite

With us, you get personalised service and a team that’s dedicated to small to medium-sized projects.

We know this space well, we live and breathe it every day. Call 1300 799 277 to find out how we can get your land working for you.