This week on the Little Fish Podcast we have AFL legend Brad Johnson; he played over 360 games for the doggies, bagged three Best & Fairest awards and kicked 558 goals. Since hanging up the boots in 2010, he co-founded Zena Sport with his wife Donna, with one focus – to protect women in sport. We dig into the Zena Sport business journey.


5:49 Dan’s origin
9:19 set out to change the world
13:45 creating Thankyou
24:32 the name
27:47 completely selfless
33:55 interviewed by Obama
38:31 Coles, Woolworth, and helicopters
42:02 hint of success
46:26 social platform power
49:12 you actually don’t buy ethical products
51:37 make more money quitting
55:46 all revenue donated
56:50 where next?
59:40 we don’t pay more for social brands
64:41 best advice
70:23 Chapter One
73:10 balls to hit rotate

Guest Intro

Today’s guest has played more than 360 games for the doggies, bagged three Best & Fairest awards, kicked 558 goals, and taken countless speckies. Safe to say, it’s little surprise this ‘Smiling Assassin’ was inducted into the Australian Football Hall of Fame in 2014.

Since retiring in 2010, he’s funnelled his prowess and passion for the sport into commentating, coaching, and performance sportswear brand, Zena, founded with his wife Donna. Dedicated to protecting women’s vital organs in the contact sports arena, Zena today boasts one of the most advanced female impact protection garments in the global market.

Pegged as a game-changing player from day one, give it up for award-winning AFL legend and businessman, Brad Johnson.

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