Bryce Holdaway is the host of The Property Couch, partner of Empower Wealth, author of The Armchair Guide to Property Investing, and host of Foxtel’s Location Location Location Australia. We discuss money, building daily habits, changing beliefs, property investing and more. 


0:01:15 Preamble – Can You Regift?
0:05:14 Introducing Bryce Holdaway
0:06:08 Does Bryce Regift?
0:07:50 Gut Health and Removing Inflammatories
0:09:12 Giving Up Alcohol
0:10:52 Life Tip, FORM: Family Occupation Recreation and Message
0:17:25 The King of Podcasts and the Recipe for Podcast Success
0:19:35 Bryce’s Family, Upbringing and Taking Risks
0:24:20 Empower Wealth and The Property Couch
0:28:20 Bryce’s First Presentation and the Property Newsletter
0:29:51 Property Investment Beginnings
0:32:35 Find Your Passion and Take the Risk
0:33:50 Choosing Your Story and Writing Your Own Script
0:37:35 Vision Boards and Aiming Forward/Daily Habits
0:40:00 What is Bryce’s “Why?”
0:43:40 First Episode of The Property Couch
0:51:25 How Does The Buyer’s Investment Advocacy Business Work?
0:54:25 The Biggest Lesson You’ve Taken from the Podcast?
0:56:20 Turning Knowledge into Action and Investing
0:59:10 Money is Simple, Behaviour is Hard
1:00:45 Successful People and Why You Can Do It
1:05:00 Formula for Finding Your Voice
1:09:00 Getting Beyond Money
1:11:10 Finding Healthy Ways to Meet Core Needs
1:13:42 Didn’t Think The Property Couch Would Work Out?
1:17:50 Making Educated Decisions and the LF PC
1:19:10 Thanks Bryce and Farewell

Guest Intro

Today’s guest is a property trailblazer who is a Partner at Empower Wealth – one of the country’s leading advisory firms.

He’s the host of Location Location Location Australian on Foxtel’s Lifestyle Channel.

And co-host of the number one property podcast in the country – The Property Couch.

A qualified Buyers Advocate and Financial Planner by trade, his property career spans an impressive 25 years.

A regular keynote speaker, and TV and radio guest on the Australian property circuit, our next guest has forged a career making complex investment simple.

Give it up for one of Australia’s leading property experts, Bryce Holdaway.

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