Pete and Guru Gav outline the essentials of budgeting for property development projects while uncovering feasibility and capital potential. Claire takes us through the complexities of securing planning permits and reveals the creative concepts for our latest site. Tap in for invaluable insights and guidance to take your townhouse ventures to the next level!

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00:00 – Episode Overview
00:48 – Site Insiders
01:45 – Budgeting for Your Development Project
05:09 – Before Auction Day
07:29 – Sealing the Deal: How Auction Day Unfolded
12:04 – Site Analysis: 38 Brian Street, Bentleigh East, VIC
16:26 – Feasibility Uncovered
22:30 – Project Snapshot
23:16 – Submitting Permit Plans
30:50 – Site Spotlight: 10 Daly Road, Sandringham, VIC
33:18 – First Creative Concepts
41:10 – The Second Round of Plans
54:06 – Project Snapshot Summary
56:48 – Happy Developing!

Check out my video for more information on budgeting. You can find it here.

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