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Are you looking for a builder in Bentleigh East to undertake a townhouse development?

If so, you’re in the right place. In this helpful article, we’ll share why a townhouse development in Bentleigh East makes sense for investment, downsizing, life balance and more.

To start with, we’ll explain some of the reasons why you might want to do a townhouse development.

There are various reasons why regular Aussies like you are undertaking dual occupancy developments, which we’ll explore in detail.

Then, we’ll move on to an overview of Bentleigh East as a suburb and some of the reasons it is a choice location for development, rental properties, or to live.

By the end of the article, you’ll be more knowledgeable about all things property development and know some of the reasons why you might engage a builder Bentleigh East. Read on to discover more.

Bentleigh East Property Development

To begin, we need to explore why you might engage a builder to develop townhouses in Bentleigh East. We’ll share some main reasons why people do this all over Melbourne.

benleigh east property development

We’ll also scope out the benefits of side-by-side dual occupancy designs. We use this term when a titled lot of land is subdivided, and two or more units (usually townhouses) are built on the divided lot.

In most situations, each dwelling is titled on its own lot and is then sold individually. In some cases, they will get sold off the plan, while others might see them sold at auction or via private sale.

There are a few reasons why you might embark on a subdivision project; let’s get stuck into them.

To Create Wealth

The main reason you will see regular Australians subdividing their land is to generate wealth by maximising the value of their land.

dual occ advisors grow wealth

Simply put, more profit is available when selling two or more properties than just one.

Let’s crunch some numbers briefly.

The typical house value in Bentleigh East is around $1.5 million, give or take a touch. If you own a home worth that figure, selling it, you will get that much money minus your mortgage if you have one.

The average three-bedroom unit price in Bentleigh East is around $1 million.

If you build two townhouses and sell them both, once you deduct your costs for construction and other fees, you will likely be looking at more net profit than if you sold your home as it is.

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And, if you own a block large enough for three or more townhouses, you will see even more profit.

By now, you can see why a subdivision can generate wealth more rapidly than an investment property in most cases.

Build Townhouses in Bentleigh East for an Investment or Other Reasons

Some people who undertake a dual occupancy property development projects in Bentleigh East have different reasons for doing it rather than profit.

Some people, such as empty nesters, want to downsize. In these instances, they might build a few townhouses, retain one as a principal place of residence, and lease out the others on the rental market to generate a passive income stream.

There’s nothing quite like making money while you sleep.

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In another example, owners might retain all the properties as investments, creating multiple passive income streams.

Others still invite relatives, such as elderly parents or other family members, to stay in one of the homes to look after them as they age.

You can see some of the multiple reasons why people might undertake a subdivision development project with a builder Bentleigh East.

Now, let’s explore some of the reasons why Bentleigh East is an excellent suburb to build and develop property in.

Why A Builder Bentleigh East? It is A Large Suburb

Bentleigh East is a relatively large suburb in Melbourne’s southeast. As such, it has a wide range of development appeal.

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Plenty of blocks of land are suitable for a development project, so there is lots of choice for the savvy buyer and developer. However, not all blocks are suited for development, so it’s worth researching suitable lots.

A Section is Zoned for McKinnon Secondary College

The northwest 25% of Bentleigh East is zoned for the popular McKinnon Secondary College.

mckinnon secondary college

Local school proximity is a primary reason people choose a place to live. Families plan out where their children will attend kindergarten, primary and high school.

Some home buyers plan for this years in advance, saving for a deposit and purchasing at the right time to ensure their child attends the school they want.

Also, renters will choose a location that guarantees a spot in a school, so if you’re building for investment reasons, this is a significant drawcard for renters as well.

There are also two primary schools in Bentleigh East, which a property might be zoned for depending on the location. These are Valkstone and Coatesville Primary Schools.

valkstone primary school

See the reasons above why this makes for a prime location for development.

Considering a Builder Bentleigh East? There are Plenty of Parks Around

There are a total of six excellent parks in Bentleigh East.

This is a significant benefit to living in this suburb. Some outer suburbs often lack large green spaces, so home buyers and renters prefer suburbs with ample parkland.

A nearby park is also why someone may buy or rent a particular home.

For instance, they can take their kids to the park on the weekend, walk the dog in the evening, do outdoor personal training, or have a picnic on the weekend.

karkarook park

Furthermore, Karkarook Park is on the southeast boundary of Bentleigh East for those living in this part of the suburb.

Public Sports and Aquatic Centre

The Glen Eira Sports and Aquatic Centre, or GESAC, is in Bentleigh East. This is another significant appealing feature, as public pools and gyms are popular with homeowners and renters.

glen eira aquatic centre

It’s a place to have a swim, hit the sauna, take the kids for swimming lessons, and work out before or after work or on the weekends.

Three Golf Clubs Nearby

There are a whopping total of three separate golf clubs near Bentleigh East: the Yarra Yarra Golf Club, Huntingdale Golf Club and the Commonwealth Golf Club.

yarra yarra golf club

Golf is a sport favoured by the affluent and upwardly mobile, which given the property values in Bentleigh East, is the target market for townhouses.

Here we see another reason why it makes sense to engage a builder Bentleigh East.

Why Choose a Builder Bentleigh East? It is Close to Chadstone

Bentleigh East is located close to Australia’s largest shopping centre – Chadstone. This behemoth shopping mall has every shop you could imagine and then some more.

chadstone shopping centre

Living near Chadstone would be a dream for those with a disposable income.

disposable income explained

Again, we can see why you might develop in Bentleigh East, with Chadstone nearby.

Even those with lower incomes who might rent in the suburb would appreciate being close to a shopping centre.

Close to Monash Health Moorabbin Hospital

Although no one wants to go to the hospital, having one nearby can be a lifesaver, literally. Living near the hospital is a significant boon for some people.

monash health hospital

For instance, those with chronic health conditions or health workers.

Furthermore, parents of young kids can often appreciate living close to a hospital. Why? As it’s easy and quick to get to should their children injure themselves and require medical attention.

There is also a private hospital nearby, which is another drawcard for affluent folks who might require elective surgery as they age.

Proximity to Sandringham Yacht Club

Let’s look at yet another reason to engage builders Bentleigh East to develop two or more townhouses for you.

This is because the Sandringham Yacht Club and Anchorage are in the adjacent suburb of Sandringham.

sandringham yacht club

Consider the target market for this part of Melbourne. Home buyers who want to purchase property here are often highly affluent.

Some are incredibly wealthy, and there is a significant chance they will have money to burn. If they can afford a property in Bentleigh East, they may even be able to afford a yacht.

The Sandringham Yacht Club, in addition to offering anchorage, also provides social engagement for members.

The club also puts on live music and other events. The club also hosts regular regatta days and sailing activities.

Furthermore, it features a member’s lounge and bar where people can have a casual drink and get a bite to eat.


In this helpful article, we’ve explored why you might hire a builder Bentleigh East to construct a dual occupancy development project for you.

We shared some reasons why people undertake these projects and why Bentleigh East is a choice suburb to develop in.

By now, you’re quickly becoming a property development guru, so keep an open mind and continue to learn.

You might be on the fast track to wealth generation.

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Finally – we can help if you think you need some assistance.

We are property development consultants and project managers and would love to help if there is an opportunity.

We’re even expert project marketers and off-the-plan townhouse specialists.