This week, Pete and Claire explore the crucial step of builder selection, the second of three steps in ‘Tender Tactics,’ sharing practical tips and insights that will save you boatloads of money. Guru Gav is back with site insiders this week, unpacking a recent site he almost purchased but ultimately decided against in Caulfield South. There are plenty of nuggets throughout this builder selection secrets episode. Get around it; you won’t be disappointed.

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00:00 – Episode Overview 
01:25 – Site Insiders
03:46 – 2 Nelson Street, Caulfield South 
06:06 – Exploring High Price: $2.2 Million
06:51 – Importance of Neighboring Properties
09:22 – Signs of Growth: Construction Activity
10:30 – Fischer’s Feasibility Study
15:48 – Site Insiders Wrap-up
16:51 – Tactical Tender Strategies: Part 2
19:05 – Decode Build Prices
22:19 – Tender Comparison Tips
24:18 – Hand Resources 
29:01 – Identifying Red Flags
33:05 – Extra Builder Selection Tips
39:03 – Wrapping Up Part 2

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