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Have you considered engaging builders in Highett to construct some townhouses for you?

This could be a winning move, with an in-demand suburb and more people looking to break into the property market. There are a few reasons you may want to build townhouses in Highett, which we’ll discuss further in this article.

First, we’ll discuss the benefits of developing property for building townhouses. We’ll also share why this particular type of property is the right one to develop.

We’ll explain some benefits and reasons why property development might be the right project for you. 

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In addition, we will share how it can generate wealth. Then, we’ll dive into why Highett is the perfect suburb to build townhouses in, including why people want to live there, upcoming developments, and local amenities in demand.

By the end of the article, you should be ready to engage the builders Highett to begin construction on your townhouses. Read on to discover more.

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Highett Property Development

First, we need to explain why you might want to do a project with builders Highett. We’ll share a few reasons and benefits of doing a dual occupancy property development.

Side note – if Highett isn’t your suburb, a builder in Bentleigh East might be what you are looking for.

This is a term for when a separate titled block of land is subdivided, and then two or more townhouses are built. 

subdivision plan

These properties are then titled on their own lot of land and sold separately. They are sold either off the plan or on the open market. 

In most cases, a duplex, or side-by-side pair of townhouses, is the most common type of property development. 

There are a few reasons why you might want to do this yourself; let’s get stuck into these. 

Wealth Generation

The primary reason why ordinary homeowners like you embark on a property development venture. The main reason is to generate wealth and maximise the value of their land.

You will see more profit if you sell two separately titled properties instead of a single one. 

Let’s explain this a bit more. 

The average house value in Highett is $1.5 million. Let’s see; you own a home worth around that figure. Then, we look at the average three-bedroom unit value of $920,000. 

median house price highette

If you construct two townhouses and sell them both, once you factor in your costs, you may be looking at a more profit than if you just sold your house as is.

And, if you own a block of land large enough for three or four townhouses instead of just two – you can get the idea, right?

Side note – check out this article on the cost to build 3 townhouses in Melbourne.

Build Townhouses Highett To Invest or Live In

Some people who embark on a dual occupancy build in Highett have different motivations rather than profit.

Some folks, for instance, retirees, want to downsize. In this case, they build some townhouses, retain one to live in, and sometimes rent out the others to generate a passive income stream. 

Others may still retain both properties as investments, generating two passive income streams. Some invite relatives, such as elderly parents, to stay to keep them close by and look after them as they age. 

subdividing land victoria

You can see the various reasons why you might hire builders Highett to construct townhouses on your behalf.

Now, let’s share some of the reasons why Highett is an excellent suburb to develop property in. 

Bustling Town Centre and Train Station

Highett boasts a small but vibrant town centre, a significant drawcard for home buyers and renters. It’s nice to live somewhere that’s a short walk or short drive from the shops to make buying groceries easy and convenient. 

The shopping centre has Woolies, BWS, Bakers Delight, barber and beauty and spa shops, which appeal to those looking to live in Highett.

Furthermore, the Highett Train Station is located in the town centre, which makes commuting to the city a breeze. 

highett train station

Even with people continuing to work from home, many people are now working a hybrid between the office and their house, so catching a train into the city is appealing for young professionals looking to buy off the plan townhouses in Highett. 

Three Large Parks in Highett

Another reason to engage builders Highett is due to the ample parkland that is in the suburb. Highett is home to three large parks offering lots of green space, playgrounds, and places to have a picnic and play sports with the kids.

highette reserve

Parks are a major attraction for home buyers and renters, as people love to use parks to exercise, catch up with friends for a picnic and drinks, take the kids for a walk and play or walk the dog. 

People will actively choose to buy or rent a home that’s close to parkland over a spread-out housing estate with minimal green space, so this is a great reason to build townhouses in Highett. 

Located Close to Southland Shopping Centre

Another drawcard to developing property in Highett is that the Southland Shopping Centre is located within its south-eastern boundary. Southland is a huge shopping centre with many retailers and a cinema. 

southland shopping centre

You can buy pretty much anything there, from homewares to gifts, from high-end retailers such as Myer and David Jones. 

It’s always convenient to live near a large shopping centre, whether it’s to go shopping for Christmas or birthday presents, take the kids to the movies, or indulge in some much-needed retail therapy. 

Highett is Close to the Sandringham Yacht Club and Anchorage

Let’s explore another reason to hire builders Highett to develop townhouses for you. This reason is that the Sandringham Yacht Club and Anchorage are located nearby. 

sandringham yacht club

Consider the target market for this area. Home buyers looking to purchase property in Highett are affluent, some are wealthy, and there is a high chance they will have disposable incomes.

If they can afford a property in Highett, they might even be able to afford a yacht. 

They can store a yacht at the anchorage and launch from its berth for a day out on Port Phillip Bay. The Sandringham Yacht Club also offers social benefits for members and puts on live music. 

The club also hosts regular sailing activities and regatta days. Furthermore, it has a member’s lounge and bar where people can grab a drink and a restaurant. 

Upcoming CSIRO Land Development

A nine-hectare former CSIRO location in Highett is gearing up for some significant redevelopment.

land development

This will bring a major benefit to living in Highett, as the approved plan includes four hectares of open space for community use and other community amenities and has robust environmentally sustainable features, including electric vehicle charging stations, native flora planting, and additional water and energy efficiencies. 

This redevelopment will benefit Highett locals and is another reason people may decide to buy property or rent in the area. 

Partially Zoned for Moorabbin Primary School

Parts of Highett are zoned for the popular Moorabbin Primary School. Local school availability is a significant reason people choose a place to live. They plan a family and also plan out where their children will attend kindergarten and school. 

moorabbin primary school

Some home buyers plan this for years in advance, saving for a deposit and buying at the right time to ensure their child attends the school they choose. 

As you can see, townhouses in Highett will be in demand for those looking to get their kids into this school.

5 Minute Drive to the Beach

Highett is a quick five-minute drive from Half Moon Bay beach. This is another significant drawcard for home buyers and renters. This is a gorgeous beach with a famous shipwreck.

half moon bay beach

You can easily spend a whole day here in summer soaking up the sun, splashing, snacking and drinking. 

There are sometimes free dance parties held at Half Moon Bay. This appeals to the younger generation of homeowners and renters.

A Quick Summary

In this helpful article, we’ve shared why you might want to engage builders Highett to construct townhouses for you. 

You can then either sell it for a profit or retain it as a home or investment property.

We’ve explained why that is a viable strategy for wealth generation or passive income streams. We also explained the significant reasons why Highett is a suburb of choice for both buyers and renters. 

As you can see, there are many reasons why this suburb is growing and popular. The appeal, and house values, make it an ideal investment opportunity. 

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Maybe you need help getting development ready.

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