This week, we’re excited to bring you the third instalment of LTLFSH and Friends. We’re featuring Adam Gillat from Bundoora Boat Upholstery. Founded over 40 years ago, this company is one of Australia’s leading boating service providers. What’s the secret behind their longevity and reputation? Tune in to find out!

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7:42 Welcome to Little Fish and Friends
10:14 The Haircut Deal
14:29 Ben’s Surprise
17:28 Marcus’s 16-Week Training
19:45 The Show is Growing!
23:03 PK’s Random Reels
33:47 Introducing Adam Gillat
35:00 Why He’s Starting a Podcast
38:18 Today’s Boat Cost
40:32 Starting in the Boat Business
44:02 Sticking to What You Know
45:13 Growing and Marketing the Business
49:15 Building a Team That Has Passion
55:50 Future Plans
1:00:29 – Final Words

Guest Intro

Today’s Little Fish and Friends is a new friend; I guess you could say he created his own luck by reaching out.

He is the founder of Bundoora Boat Upholstery, founded over 40 years ago boys.

Give it up for Adam Gillat.

What made you reach out to us? Last week, you asked if you could sit in on a recording; this week, you’ve got your own feature!

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