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Access Low Risk, High Profit Properties

At Little Fish we don’t just find properties that can be developed. We find properties that should be developed. And we aren’t just a buyers agent we are your end-to-end development partner.

Identifying the perfect site is not only the first step but the most important step in delivering a successful and highly profitable development project.

Even though all the steps in the developing process can cost you time and money if not considered and executed correctly. This step is, without doubt, the most important.

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Secure Off-market, Undervalued and Overlooked Development Opportunities

If you’re out looking for your site, the potential to lose serious money is REAL if you don’t know what to look for.

The single most important way to make more money from your development project is by identifying the site with the most potential.

We do this by leveraging our buying power, relationships, knowledge and expertise.

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Intelligent Site Selection

We offer intelligent site identification with best-in-class practices for maximum returns. Just because a site can be developed, it doesn't mean it should be.

  1. Due Diligence

    This is the part we figure out if a site can be developed. In most cases, we will know immediately; in others, we leverage further specialist knowledge and insights if required.

  2. Market Research

    Once we know a site can be developed, we look at the comparable townhouse resales in the area. We use portals such as REA and Domain. We also leverage our network of local agents and our internal Little Fish Real Estate sales team to help guide us.

  3. Highest and Best Use

    Next, we figure out the best way to maximise the value of the land. We decide on the path to maximising the outcome. We again use market research and real-time market insights.

  4. Feasibilities

    In this final step, we determine if the site should be developed. This process allows us to build the project on paper to understand the full scope and ensure nothing is missed.


Case Studies

Proof! Take a Look at the Results We’ve Achieved for Our Clients

14 Wilmoth Avenue Carnegie

Side by side dual occupancy, east-west orientation, 561sqm approx. The total duration of the project was 24 months.


Return on investment


Return on equity 50/50 split


NET profit

262 Waterdale Road Ivanhoe

Three townhouse corner block, east-west orientation, 680 sqm and the total duration was 27 months.


Return on investment


Return on equity 50/50 split


NET profit

16 Elimatta Road Carnegie

Side by side dual occupancy, east-west orientation, 669sqm approx. The total duration of the project was 26 months


Return on investment


Return on equity 50/50 split


Net profit

47 Reed Street Spotswood

Three-townhouse corner site. North south orientation. 584sqm approx. The total duration of the project was 30 months


Return on investment


Return on equity 50/50 split


Net profit



The Process

This is How it Works

  • Discovery

    You sign up for a free consultation where we gather a deep understanding of your site and your development goals.

  • Proposal

    Based on your goals our team will provide a detailed proposal setting out all relevant and agreed parameters.

  • Selection

    We present relevant vetted properties that have met the required due-diligence and feasibility requirements.

  • Acquisition

    Once you decide on your site we negotiate the purchase on your behalf.

Don't Just Take Our Word

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Any Questions

Property Development Questions

What makes you different from other buyer's agents?

We stand out from other buyer’s agents by specialising in properties with high returns and future development potential. Investing with us means you get more than just a property; you get an asset designed to maximise profit and minimise risk.

Do I need to develop my property straight away?

You’re not obligated to develop the property right away. As buyer’s agents, our core service is to find you a good investment property. We also focus on properties with the added benefit of future development potential. This means you get an immediate solid investment, with the option to maximize your returns through development later on.

Are there any hidden costs?

No, all costs will be transparent and outlined in the proposal.

What is the benefit of Little Fish helping me find a property?

With Little Fish, you get exclusive access to high-return properties with development potential. Our industry connections and negotiation skills ensure you buy at the best price. You’re not just acquiring property; you’re securing a high-value, future-proof investment.

How does Little Fish access off-market opportunities?

Little Fish has exclusive early access to off-market properties due to our strong industry relationships. Our quick decision-making makes us a go-to choice for sellers, giving you a chance to secure premium properties before they’re publicly listed.

How vital is due diligence and feasibility before buying a property?

Due diligence and feasibility studies are essential for smart property investment, especially for future development. Feasibility studies offer financial clarity, while due diligence ensures the property meets all regulations. Together, these tools provide the confidence you need for a wise investment.

What due diligence do you perform on potential properties?

We perform two key checks on potential properties. First, we assess the property’s development potential. Second, we analyse the local market for rental yield and future profitability. This ensures you’re making a well-informed investment.

How do you assess market conditions?

We use portals such as REA and Domain, consult our network of local agents, and leverage our internal sales team for real-time market insights.


I Guess What We're Trying to Say Is That You Should Hit The Damn Button

If you are serious about wanting to undertake a development project and you want to get it right then this first step will be critical.

We can help you secure the perfect site to deliver on your own development goals. Help us, help you!