Cameron Falloon is nothing short of personal training royalty. He was Princess Dianna’s personal trainer in his early twenties and is the founder and joint CEO of fitness empire Body Fit Training

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6:25 So you were a chippy?
7:36 Cam’s life was “over” (back injury)
13:56 The Aussie backpacker becomes a PT
20:35 How did you fill the book?
24:08 Meeting princess Diana
26:38 Last training session with princess Diana
29:38 Sticking to morals
33:38 Genuine qualities over fame
35:45 Sliding door moment
38:17 Starting business
40:51 Why body fit?
44:58 Support in expansion
50:32 Making a profit
56:48 Never lose hope
1:02:51 The conditions are always perfect

Guest Intro

Today’s guest is nothing short of personal training royalty. Kicking off his career in the gym with Princess Diana at the tender age of 22, he’s spent the better part of the last 25 years building his own fitness kingdom.

After leaving old London Town, our next guest made a name for himself making some of Australia’s fittest footballers and soccer players even fitter, all before hanging up his cleats and becoming his own boss.

He’s now the king of a global health and fitness franchise with more than 200 locations. Bow down to Body Fit Training Founder and joint-CEO, Cameron Falloon.

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