Craig Kimberley is the founder of Just Jeans, and Jason Kimberley is the founder of Cool Australia. We discuss their journeys to the very top of their respective industries.


02:50 Welcome to Craig Kimberley and Jason Kimberley
05:10 How did the Just Jeans idea get born?
08:59 How did you start the business?
10:48 How the relationship with Levis went, managing cashflow and margins
11:50 Jason’s recollection of the time starting the business
14:00 Back to the brand / Strength of the brand
16:00 The different moving parts of a business
17:25 Getting brand out there, sponsoring Grand Final with CUB
20:00 Acquisition of Melbourne Sports Depot
25:00 Was there any consideration of taking Just Jeans overseas to the USA?
26:15 When Jason started working in Just Jeans
28:00 Expanding the business
33:49 The float, becoming a publicly listed company
35:00 The online retail space / Peter Alexander
36:00 The selling of the Just Jeans Group
37:00 South Melbourne Football Supporters and Inducted Hall of Fame
42:24 Why Jason worked 12 jobs?
47:00 Where did Jason’s drive come from?
48:34 Cool Australia program and the education system
57:56 Advice for anyone looking to step off the line and have a go
1:05:20 Craig’s personality grabs and celebrity stories
1:09:20 Business advice and PR, the power of celebrity
1:10:42 What made you believe, and why it worked straight away?

Guest Intro

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