Dain Walker, banding expert and founder of Rivyl Agency, has worked with some of the world’s biggest brands, from Google and Facebook internationally to Culture Kings in Australia. He shares his journey and emphasises the importance of understanding the power of branding to make money in 2023.


00:01:05 On the road in Sydney
00:02:30 Shout out to the Meriton Suites 59th floor
00:03:51 Question for the dog owners
00:06:00 Introducing Dain Walker
00:08:12 Passion for branding
00:11:24 Learning branding techniques
00:14:34 Godfrey’s vacuums
00:17:55 World gym job offer
00:21:42 Dealing with customer aggression
00:22:27 Falling into the branding journey
00:22:56 Gary V event and starting an agency
00:26:53 Branding niche
00:28:34 Solving client problems
00:29:56 Hiring people
00:30:10 Don’t be better, be different
00:33:35 Knowing your brand story
00:34:04 Collaboration with clients in branding
00:35:00 Solving problems as an entrepreneur
00:38:20 Education in branding
00:46:23 Colour psychology, Rivyl’s colour
00:50:50 Coca-Cola branding
00:51:50 Landing big brands
00:53:00 Little fish podcast stats
00:55:36 Who do the little fish guys aspire to?
01:00:04 Final thoughts and education platform
01:03:55 One last piece of advice

Guest Intro

Today’s guest describes himself as “disgustingly obsessed with the world of branding”, so it’s little surprise that he’s the founder of one of Australia’s fastest-growing branding agencies.

Beginning as a one-man freelance designer on the cusp of Covid, his unrelenting ambition quickly saw him become an authority, working with the likes of Chase Morgan Bank, World Gym, Culture Kings and Facebook.

His secret? Thought-provoking storytelling and strategic branding.

We’re gonna unpack it all here today – figure out this branding thing once and for all.

Give it up for Rivyl Agency founder, the Brand extraordinaire Dain Walker.

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