Daisy Pearce is an AFL icon and legend of the game. With an unmatched list of achievements, she’s conquered a world that said she couldn’t. We had the honour of unpacking her legendary story. When you love something enough, anything is possible. Let’s get it!


0:00 Intro / PK’s Man Cave
6:07 Introducing Daisy Pearce
8:14 Growing Up With Sports and Getting in the Game
14:34 Joining the Girls Club / High School Sports
21:04 Daisy Pearce’s Trophy Cabinet
29:08 The important names of the AFLW?
31:00 Daisy’s First Season
35:20 Where is the AFLW Going
43:20 What an AFLW Game Looks Like Now
46:48 What’s Next for Daisy Pearce
53:05 Daisy’s Views On Leadership
59:15 Thinking About Retirement
1:07:02 Where Does Daisy Want to End Up?
1:09:24 Following Your Passions
1:17:40 Broadcasting Under Pressure
1:20:44 Final Words

Guest Intro

Today’s guest is nothing short of a legend of Australian Rules Football.

She’s arguably amassed more awards than anyone who’s ever laced up a pair of footy boots, male or female.

Off the field, she’s an award-winning media personality, expert commentator, and AFL development coach down at the cattery.

From playing junior footy against boys to earning a nursing degree, she’s a powerhouse on and off the field.

Juggling her booming media career with being a mom to twins. Twin’s boys, I know a little bit about that …

She’s a trailblazer in every sense of the word.

Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for Daisy Pearce!

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