Dan Ryan is a celebrated Aussie netball player, coach, sports journalist, and broadcaster. He shares his crazy ride from losing 27 straight games at Manchester Thunder to coaching West Coast Fever to its first-ever premiership. We talk leadership, taking risks, belief, passion and all that good stuff we love on the podcast.

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8:38 Dan’s Influences
12:10 Why Netball?
16:06 The rise of men’s netball
19:45 Adapt and overcome
23:30 Coaching beginnings
26:18 Make sure you have a Plan B
29:37 Chasing the dream
32:31 It’s never smooth sailing
39:54 Being a team player
41:38 Motivating a team
43:58 Staying passionate
50:06 More to life than your job
51:25 Constructing a team
55:39 The Grand Final
58:55 Moving forward
01:00:41 Critical friends

Guest Intro

Today’s guest is a celebrated Aussie netball player, coach, sports journalist and broadcaster.

He’s been kicking goals on and off the court for over 30 years, including coaching Manchester Thunder, Adelaide Thunderbirds, and West Coast Fever, recently leading them to victory for the first time in the club’s 25-year history.

Now a formidable figure in Australian sport, our next guest’s love of netball began with a passion for watching his mum dominate the court.

At the age of eight, when he joined his first all-girls league.

By 18, he’d secured a spot on the Australian Sonix men’s team. Which he captained mind you! 100% strike rate as skipper…

When he wasn’t holding coaching positions in the best leagues in the world, he was covering three Commonwealth Games, four Australian Opens and two Netball World Cups for the likes of Seven News, Network Ten and Sky Sports UK.

Give it up for Australian sporting icon – Dan Ryan.

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