This week on the Little Fish Podcast, we welcome Danielle Pelly founder of Australian luxury fashion brand Ena Pelly who are taking over the fashion game on the back of recycled plastic bottles and faux fur coats.

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5:43 Danielle always loved fashion and business
11:02 The first big risk
17:18 The heyday of Instagram
22:06 Jackets made from plastic bottles
32:02 When we got robbed
36:03 Working with your partner
38:14 A series of unfortunate events
41:50 Don’t turn off your channels
46:12 Breaking into the states
52:29 Verbalise your goals (let the team in)
55:27 The #1 thing is resilience

Guest Intro

Today’s guest may have had a frosty start to her career, but a passion for fashion soon transformed her mad snowboarding skills into a very cool clothing label.

Trading the slopes for the coast, this Torquay-based fashion designer has managed to evolve her garage-based gig into a sustainable business (in more ways than one). In the last 12 months alone, she’s transformed more than one million plastic bottles into faux fur.

She’s changing the world one biker jacket at a time, give it up for one half of the husband-and-wife duo behind luxury Australian label, Ena Pelly – it’s Danielle Pelly.

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