In our second episode the Little Fish Podcast, welcome one of the hottest reality stars to come out of 2021, the vivacious Danny Hayes! He shares all of big brother’s dirty secrets and his greatest moments on the reality TV show.

Danny shares his powerful mantra to live by of never quitting or giving up. He also talks about his beliefs on being willing to die in the fight for what you’re fighting for when it comes to running a successful property business

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4:25 You’ve got one life
6:01 Danny Hayes upbringing
7:43 How I got into real estate
9:58 We get paid in direct proportion to how we communicate
12:04 Finding your (lucrative) passion
16:08 The rocky birth of Hayes-Winkle
19:23 Entrepreneurs are wankers
20:23 You have to be willing to die
23:47 Where does my drive come from?
27:04 Your greatest mistake
28:36 The key to scaling
36:10 Why I started my youtube channel
44:18 How I survived riding to Everest
49:57 The future of TV… doesn’t exist
53:05 My perfect life would look like…
56:48 What Big Brother is really like
1:01:10 My greatest moment on Big Brother
1:12 Charity work

Guest Intro

Now guys… Today’s guest … Was one of the hottest reality stars to come out of 2021.

He co-founded Real Estate juggernaut Hayes & Winkle. And has over 100k subscribers on his million-dollar bogan YouTube channel.

He’s a true modern-day metro sexual having had more jabs to the face than Mike Tyson.

He is passionate about mental health …

And he literally does not give any fucks, that’s why we had to have him on.

Give it up for Danny Hayes.

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