Dave Franklin is the Block’s head landscaper, host of Open Homes Australia and founder of Franklin Group, one of Australia’s leading landscape design and construction companies. He shares his journey with the boys.

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0:00:55 Dan’s night teeth grinding and dentist
0:05:26 Introducing today’s guest, Dave Franklin
0:08:30 Why landscaping, and how did you get into it?
0:11:26 How did Dave know to go to Toorak and talk to the good architects?
0:12:59 Advice for young people in business today and the journey
0:13:35 Problem clients and learning from mistakes
0:16:00 Being on top of your staff and paying for a service/staff on phones
0:17:24 Lows, highs and challenges and transparent pricing
0:21:55 Sweet spot for staffing levels in landscaping
0:23:30 Expenses, margins, and paying yourself/rewarding work
0:25:28 The business process from design to landscaping
0:27:05 Change in the landscaping business, more creativity
0:29:48 Shift in landscaping and getting on The Block
0:32:40 Marketing the business on TV
0:34:57 Competitors and animosity
0:36:00 Planning jobs for the Block and watching the show
0:37:48 Did the Block help the business and your career?
0:39:20 Size of jobs before and after The Block
0:40:00 Cost of pool jobs and excitement from jobs
0:42:12 Having a crack and taking opportunities, difficulty on The Block
0:45:36 Other TV gigs and pool shows, and cost of pools and pool cleaning
0:52:36 Building teams, and team culture and efficiency
0:57:20 How are you retaining the best staff?
0:58:30 Working through COVID
1:01:27 Picking your clients and building relationships and trusts
1:02:56 What advice would you give to up-and-comers?
1:04:38 Starting a business with a partner or by yourself with staff?
1:06:10 Thanks to Dave, and goodbye

Guest Intro

Today’s guest has made a name for himself by creating award-winning landscapes and pools for over 30 years.

Co-founding ‘Exquisite Gardens Australia’ at just 21 (in part to fund his surfing passion), his finesse for the outdoors was quickly realised, seeing our next guest go on to win over 20 landscaping titles to date.

He’s since spent 12 years at the helm of his own company, 9 years as the Head Landscaper on The Block, and five seasons hosting Open Homes Australia and features on Australia’s best Pools!!

Arguably his biggest job of all, however, was renovating his own family home over the last two years.

Give it up for the Director of the Franklin Group and one of Australia’s most beloved landscape designers, Dave Franklin.

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