Dessy Hairis, the creative force behind Bydee, started sewing bikinis in high school. She turned her dreams into reality, one stitch at a time, from selling at market stalls to building a multi-million dollar brand with an international customer base. Tune in to learn how Dessy made it happen.

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0:00 – The Boys are Back!
00:48 – Welcoming Dessy Hairis
03:36 – From Mum’s Bench to Fashion School
07:18 – Aussie Market Stall Hustle
11:47 – Covid and Venturing the US Market
18:06 – Bydee Babes Club
18:55 – Sustainable Business Practices
20:55 – Content is Key
24:12 – Personal Growth and Leadership
30:51 – Leveraging Influencer Marketing
32:43 – What’s the Winning Social Media Platform?
33:25 – Bydee’s Customer Base
38:50 – Advice for Clothing Brands
40:26 – Building Community as a Brand
43:10 – What’s Next for Bydee?
47:35 – Outro

Guest Intro

Today, we’re thrilled to host Dessy Hairis, the visionary force behind Bydee, a brand that’s not just changing swimwear but revolutionising it.

From humble beginnings on her mum’s kitchen bench, Dessy has catapulted Bydee to global fame, known for its exceptional craftsmanship and commitment to sustainable luxury. But what’s the story behind this extraordinary rise? How has Dessy’s unique, detail-oriented approach reshaped the future of fashion?

Dessy opens up about the creative process and the resilience it took to build a brand that’s redefining industry standards. It’s a tale that’s as inspiring as it is remarkable and one you don’t want to miss.

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