Have you ever thought about how what makes a good corner residential development site?

Well, stick around because in the article, I will share why corner development sites are so good, and I’ll also break down what makes a good one.

Let’s get into it.

Finding quality townhouse development sites can be like finding a needle in the haystack at the best of times, let alone narrowing your search for only corner development sites.

development site

As with most things related to investing in property, patience and discipline are key here.

If you take your time, do the work, you will find one, and if you get it right, the payback can be incredible.

Before I break down what makes a good corner development site, let’s look at fundamentally why corner sites, in general, are good.

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Why Corner Sites Are Good

There is no common property required, meaning you end up with more land on your titles rather than that land being chewed up as common.

Driveways don’t count towards your garden open space, there is nobody corporate required, and in most cases, the properties will have their own street frontage.

development site driveway

Corner sites give you the ability to achieve more on smaller lots than traditional side by side designs. There will be a better opportunity to get additional dwellings on the site.

corner development sites

Due to the frontages, the dwellings can feel standalone, reducing the need for common party walls.

And in most cases, you get to choose which neighbours set back you are governed by.

This means that you get to select the smaller one, increasing what you can expect to achieve on your site.

Then generally, your return edge needs to be 2-3 meters depending on the council, which is excellent.

And finally, for all the reasons mentioned, your completed townhouses will ultimately command a higher sale price.

  • No common property required
  • More land on all your titles
  • Driveways don’t count towards your required garden area percentage
  • Nobody corporate required
  • Properties will have their own street frontage
  • Ability to achieve more on a smaller lot
  • Better opportunity to get three/four dwellings on the site
  • Dwelling can have a standalone feel due to the frontage
  • Minimise your common/party walls
  • Favourable setbacks

What Makes a Good Corner Site

What do you need to be looking out for and considering when looking at corner townhouse sites to be able to make buying decisions with confidence.

First off, you want to look for encumbrances along your street frontages, so trees, power poles, bus stops, etc.

I’m not too keen on busy intersections; this is more of a personal preference.

It’s not to say money can’t be made on busy corner sites. I’m sure there is plenty to be made.

You are ideally looking for minimal mature trees on the site, and if possible, corners with northern private open space will always be a winner.

northern private open space

Small neighbouring setbacks are excellent, and favourable residential zoning and planning overlays will be critical.

And we want to make sure that both frontages have easy access to the required street side services.

development site services

This is important if it is overlooked it has the potential to cost a lot of

A disaster, to say the least.

And finally, it is always good practice to see what corner sites have been developed in the area and what kind of outcomes they have achieved.

development site outcomes

All this information is freely available and should be used to help you make your decision one way or another with confidence.

  • Minimal encumbrances along your frontages
  • Not being on a busy intersection
  • Minimal trees, in particular, mature ones
  • North facing private open space
  • Small neighbouring setbacks
  • Favourable residential zoning and planning overlays
  • Easy access to required street side services (both frontages)
  • Block gradient – the flatter the block, the better
  • Consider overshadowing neighbours

Wrapping Up

When it comes to identifying quality development sites of any kind, you must know it’s not as easy. If it were, everyone would be doing it because there is a lot of money to be made and plenty to go around.

Here are some more general tips on finding quality development sites.

But it’s a high-stakes game, and if you get it wrong, it will have you chasing your tail for the project’s duration.

So, take your time, do your research, and only make buying decisions with absolute confidence.