This week we have our second instalment of LTLFSH and Friends with Spiros Ziras from Dough Addict, a boutique pizza hotspot in Melbourne. He shares his biggest wins, most significant challenges, and best advice. PK also shares a recent medical procedure he had that will blow your mind.


4:55 PK’s Medical Scare
23:05 NPC Streaming on TikTok
26:06 A Video that Inspired PK
28:37 Giving Back with the Pod
31:46 Introducing Spiros Ziras
33:45 How He Got Started
35:03 Handling the COVID Shutdown
38:16 How Dough Addict Stand Out
41:25 Coming up with Dough Addict
41:51 Structuring the Shop & Business
49:28 How to Find Customers
53:23 The Real Cost of Delivery Apps
55:41 The Donut Daddy
57:50 Social Media and Branding
59:39 Franchising Dough Addict
1:03:20 Final Words

Guest Intro

Little Fish and Friends number two, the last one with Mr Meditate, get some legs; it was a hit, so if you haven’t checked that out, make sure you do.

So we are back again for another all-boys episode with a twist.

We’ve got another one of our friends with a killer business we’ll break some bread with later in the show, so make sure you stick around for that.

Today’s Little Fish and Friends has one of the coolest brand names I’ve ever heard.

Give it up for Spiros, aka Spiz, the man behind Dough Addict.

A  boutique pizza hotspot –  here in Melbourne.

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