WARNING! This week’s show will change your life!

Dr Tim Sharp, aka Dr. Happy, is the visionary behind The Happiness Institute. Discover how overcoming personal challenges led him to pioneer a holistic approach to mental health. From battling depression to guiding others toward joy, Dr Sharp shares life-changing secrets and practical tips for a happier, healthier life.

Don’t miss out: learn habits that promise a brighter existence and the essence of true happiness.

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00:01:41 – Introduction
00:02:43 – Dr Happy aka Tim Sharp
00:05:58 – Dealing with Mental Health in Your Twenties
00:07:30 – Near-Death Experience
00:11:33 – Breaking the Stigma
00:17:01 – Career Beginnings
00:18:45 – Helping Others: Tim’s Mission to Brighten Lives
00:21:11 – What Does Happiness Mean to You?
00:31:32 – Mental Health SOS: Don’t Ignore the Signs!
00:33:16 – Digital Detox: Is It Necessary?
00:36:12 – Coping After Covid
00:38:52 – The Importance of Self-Care
00:45:17 – Inside The Happiness Institute
00:54:41 – Mental Muscle Training
00:57:41 – Where to Find Mental Health Support
01:03:41 – Outro

Guest Intro

Today on the show, we have Dr Tim Sharp, also known as Dr. Happy, a pioneer in positive psychology and the mastermind behind The Happiness Institute. 

With an acclaimed career in psychology and a personal battle with depression, Dr Sharp has redefined the pursuit of happiness. 

He is a celebrated author, sought-after speaker, and media regular championing a holistic approach to mental health.

But what are the secrets behind his philosophy? 

Tune in as we unpack Dr Happy’s world, uncovering simple yet profound habits that can lead to a better quality of life, including practical steps towards a happier existence.

Let’s get into the show!

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