The boys sit down with Dylan Mullan, the entrepreneurial force behind Happy Skin Co. From abandoning law school to racking up $25M in e-commerce sales, Dylan embodies the mantra, “Find your passion, and the money will follow.” Tune in for strategies for crafting a successful brand and leveraging influencer marketing in the digital era!

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00:00:00 – Welcome Back!
00:00:57 – Dylan Mullan on the Pod
00:02:25 – Early Life in Preston, NSW
00:08:35 – Stepping Up: Finding Footing in Business
00:11:21 – Finding Inspiration from Gary Vaynerchuk
00:13:21 – The Birth of Happy Skin Co
00:15:56 – Game Changer: Discovering Alibaba
00:19:12 – Crafting a Successful Brand
00:24:50 – Influencer Marketing: The Bachelor’s Davey Lloyd
00:28:18 – E-commerce Explained
00:34:00 – Outsourcing Marketing
00:41:44 – The Future of Happy Skin Co: What’s Next?
00:48:58 – The $10K Question
00:54:44 – Passion and Profession
01:05:25 – Outro: Wrapping Up


The boys sit down with Dylan Mullan—the creative powerhouse behind Happy Skin Co, a company that sells the world’s first, and now #1, at-home IPL last hair removal kits. 

Dylan’s journey from a law school dropout to an e-commerce success story is nothing short of inspiring. He saw an opportunity in the overlooked home laser tech market. As a result, he made an incredible $25 million in the first two years.

Dylan turned passion into profits with the help of Alibaba and influencer marketing, including collaborations with names like Davey Lloyd. Hit that link for actionable business advice!

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