Erchana Murray-Bartlett just completed an extortionary feat, completing 150 marathons in 150 days running to smash the world record. She shares how and why she did it and what’s next. Incredible.


02:04 Mr Medidate and the team
06:03 Welcoming today’s guest Erchana
09:14 The recovery process
00:10:06 About Erchana and sports
00:11:46 Introduction to running
00:13:25 What made Erchana love running?
00:15:56 Timing for the first marathon
00:16:40 What made you keep going?
00:17:20 The feeling of crossing the finish line
00:19:30 The running community
00:20:58 What was the goal after Sydney
00:22:28 Hip flexor injury and Covid
00:24:25 Getting accepted to elite start
00:25:26 Where did the idea come from?
00:27:26 Guinness world records requirements
00:30:06 Was there a plan and a route?
00:32:55 How was your sleep?
00:33:10 What made you think it was possible?
00:35:43 Coach and nutritionist? Support people
00:38:06 A typical day on the run
00:40:22 Awareness raising and school visits
00:41:50 Manifestation and visualisation
00:44:40 When it gets hard and overcoming
00:45:32 Why not stop early?
00:47:55 Strong mindset and next challenge
00:50:00 Story with the 106 record
00:51:10 Men’s record
00:51:33 Best experience and the worst
00:53:38 Recovery process now
00:54:15 The film plan

Guest Intro

Today’s guest is nothing short of a world record-breaker!!!

Just last month she claimed the title of most marathons run in consecutive days by a woman, and she did it Down Under, clocking up 6,330 kilometres over 150 days, spanning from Cape York to Melbourne.

Other than the admiration of an entire nation, our next guest walked away from the 22-week race with $131,000 raised for the conservation organisation, Wilderness Society, whose vision is to transform Australia into a society that protects, respects and connects with the natural world.

She’s a wilderness warrior, marathon runner and global sports sensation, give it up for Erchana Murray-Bartlett.

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