Evan Montero is co-founder of the 100-million-dollar e-commerce juggernaut DIY Blinds, the fastest-growing window retailer in the country. He shares the business strategy that has them not just taking part but taking over the blind industry.


00:01:27 Ben’s broken tooth and the dodgy dentist
00:02:35 Ben drinking more water and less red bull
00:04:30 Supermarket and retail discounts
00:05:51 Evan Montero, co-founder of DIY blinds
00:08:37 Prior roles and transition to the blinds industry, and start-ups
00:10:18 How do you do online blinds as a side hustle?
00:10:55 Push on quality products
00:11:25 What made you choose the name DIY blinds?
00:12:06 Business strategy and success – digital disruption
00:13:15 What was the process as a side hustle?
00:14:58 Focus on the problem and solving customer problems
00:16:00 COVID growth and buyer behaviour continued growth for DIY
00:16:29 Difference between brick-and-mortar and online sales
00:17:53 Strategy with social media influencers
00:19:25 Relationship between Evan, Dan and The Block
00:20:13 Did the strategy change over time, and the DIY Blinds name
00:21:53 Why didn’t the brick and mortars have the same idea?
00:23:29 Taking the jump to leave the job and work-life balance.
00:27:44 Getting to a $100 million valuation and $44 million revenue
00:30:25 Doing the work and doing it well vs chasing revenue
00:31:45 Transition once receiving funding and future roadmaps
00:32:43 What are the competitors doing?
00:34:15 The market was due for disruption
00:35:15 The DIY Blinds website and digital presence/UX testing
00:36:23 The Australian business growth fund and Investors
00:39:35 What’s the plan for the future
00:40:55 Is Australia too small?
00:42:50 The journey and passion for the business
00:44:50 Bye to Dan
00:45:13 For someone starting a business, what should they focus on?
00:49:01 Evan’s opinion on Little Fish Properties
00:52:43 Connecting the dots, combining passion with talent
00:53:35 What happened to the rates comparison business?
00:55:40 Final thoughts and advice
1:00:00 Core values – caring deeply, and good decisions
1:02:22 Thanks and goodbye

Guest Intro

Today’s guest is the CEO and co-founder of the fastest-growing window furnishings retailer in the country. A title he puts down to one disruptive move – making the purchase process purely digital.

Coming from the world of superannuation, our next guest’s ability to spot a gap in the market saw him ride the monster home renovation wave through Covid, coming out the other end with a $100 million e-commerce business.

Following substantial funding from the Australian Business Growth Fund, he’s now gearing up for a B2B expansion that’ll see commercial businesses reap the benefits of a leaner business model.

Give it up for the co-founder of DIY Blinds, Evan Montero.

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