Frank Greeff, once a humble chef, now the mastermind behind a $180 million empire he sold to Damain, joins the boys as they unpack his extraordinary journey. From culinary arts to revolutionising real estate with RealBase, Frank’s story of ambition, innovation, and success is epic. Get around it!

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0:01:26 Intro
0:02:10 Getting Hit On a Bike
0:05:26 Quick Plug
0:06:31 Introducing Frank Greeff
0:08:23 How He Got Started
0:17:59 Growing Even Bigger
0:24:14 Running Into Hardships
0:29:16 Getting Back on Their Feet
0:46:33 Finding the Why and Setting the Goals
0:53:43 Selling Day
0:59:52 The Fish Tank
1:06:29 What’s Next for Frank?
1:09:38 What He’s Day Looks Like
1:12:02 Final Words

Guest Intro

Today’s guest, eleven years ago, was a chef. Ten years ago, he and his brothers started a business in a completely unrelated industry.

He went on to grow the business to 350 staff, turning over 35 million annually. Last year, he sold that business to his biggest competitor, Domain, for 180 million.

The story of how it all unfolded is epic.

Please welcome the mastermind behind RealBase, the real estate software that has changed the game.

Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for Frank Greeff!”

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