Glenn Archer is an AFL Hall of Famer, he won two Premierships, a Norm Smith medal, and three All-Australians, and he was recognised as the Shinboner of the century during his time at North Melbourne.

Since footy, he’s made his mark in the business world with Kode Entertainment and several other ventures, which we were lucky enough to dive into.

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7:40 Started when he was 17
13:33 Dennis Pagan’s coaching style
15:00 Sign up for the contract
18:55 1996 turning professional
25:45 Dominating the Grand Final
27:05 What do competitors or leaders do differently
28:54 Won 2 Premierships
30:48 Your son Jackson
34:13 How do you approach teaching Jackson
36:05 Great culture
38:24 Wayne Carey &. Anthony Stevens incident
47:20 High-end footy trips
52:40 Your why, why you do your business
53:13 Failing business
56:00 Glenn’s New bar in Bali
59:37 Advice for Gav’s son
1:03:17 Different styles of player
1:04:47 Justin Bieber in Monarco

Guest Intro

Today’s guest has been kicking goals on and off the footy field for nearly 30 years.

After enjoying a glorious AFL career at North Melbourne which included two premierships, three all-Australians a Norm Smith medal and bagging the Robert Rose Award for Most Courageous Player six times, he went on to co-found Kode Entertainment Group in 2009.

The ‘Shinboner of the Century’, our next guest has since hung up his boots and made a name for himself in business.

Today, he’s the successful director of a bespoke agency offering custom-designed, once-in-a-lifetime entertainment experiences. An Australian Football Hall of Famer and he is making his mark on the Aussie business scene, give it up for celebrated AFL great and businessman, Glenn Archer.

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