Gus Balbontin: A small-town Patagonia boy who climbed the ranks at global tech giants like Google, Nokia, and Amazon. From mischief-maker to leading Lonely Planet’s innovations, discover how Gus reshapes the future and inspires others to dream big.


5:02 Introducing Gus Balbontin
7:08 How He Found His Dreams
11:03 Setting off for Adventure
17:17 Journey to Lonely Planet
24:11 Lonely Planet VS The Internet Age
30:54 Favorite Travel Destinations
35:09 Life After Lonely Planet
37:47 Becoming a Keynote Speaker
50:52 The Fish Tank
1:01:16 How to Keep Up with Gus
1:05:54 Final Advice
1:06:51 Who’s His Favorite Surfer
1:07:18 Final Words

Guest Intro

Today’s guest is from a small town in Patagonia – which is in South America, boys for those not sure …

He went from causing mischief in his hometown to rubbing shoulders with the bigwigs at Google, Nokia, and Amazon!

He is the former global head at Lonely Planet, who now shares his insights on innovation, leadership, and entrepreneurship all over the globe.

He’s an investor, a mentor and a futurist who doesn’t predict the future but helps you build a better one.

So, buckle up boys, as today’s guest is guaranteed to challenge your perspectives.

And with some luck, inspire some action lads!

Give it up for Gus Balbontin.

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