This week’s guest on the Little Fish Pod is Hamish McLachlan – he grew up on a sheep farm in SA, riding to school on horseback … fast forward years later to interviewing and rubbing shoulders with the likes of Kobe Bryant, Roger Federer, Wayne Gretski and countless others!

He hosts the biggest sporting events on the planet and arguably sits at the very pinnacle of Australia’s sports broadcasting … welcome Hamish McLachlan.

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4:24 Rode my horse to school
7:45 My tennis career ended before it began
10:18 I never intended to become a presenter
12:20 Call, don’t text
15:58 Three life lessons from Bruce
19:01 Being authentic is everything
22:12 Learn from anyone (Including my eight year old)
24:39 Interviewing Kobe Bryant
33:52 Comparison is the thief of joy
36:15 It’s not about sport; It’s about moments
38:47 Meeting Roger Federer
47:06 Be interested more than interesting
49:44 The story of Miller
56:23 Life just stops.
1:03:32 Richard Cox calls his daughter in the olympics

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