Explore the remarkable journey of LVLY and Hannah Spilva, from startup to $35M success story. We unpack Hannah’s extraordinary journey from a mere $5K startup to a monumental exit, going deep into the heart of LVLY’s groundbreaking transformation.

You’ll get exclusive insights into innovation, brand building, and the unexpected challenges that followed the big sale. From disrupting norms to navigating the highs and lows of entrepreneurship, Hannah shares the untold stories behind LVLY’s meteoric rise.

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0:00:00 Intro
0:01:27 Welcome, Hannah Spilva
00:02:05 The Early Years
00:16:33 Building a Brand
00:25:43 Overcoming Business Hurdles
00:30:25 Growing to 24 Million in Revenue
00:38:04 Selling the LVLY Business
00:45:25 Securing for the Future
00:47:51 The Aftermath of the Sale
00:54:54 Coming Up with the LVLY Brand Name
01:01:13 What’s Next?
01:04:27 Changing Roles
01:06:22 Rapid Fire Questions
1:10:29 Final Words

Guest Intro

Imagine a world where gifting flowers is as simple, fast, and fun as sending a text message. 

Our guest today made that a reality by turning a traditional industry on its head with a digital-first approach and a dash of playful irreverence.

We’re talking about a flower and gift delivery service that’s not only changed the art of gifting but also turned over 40 million dollars annually. 

It was recently acquired for 35 million dollars.

Today, we’ll dive into topics like innovation, brand building, and challenging established norms.

Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for the award-winning co-founder and CEO of LVLY, Hannah Spilva.

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