Harrison Reid, star of Bondi Rescue, shares his inspiring journey of moving to Sydney from New Zealand straight out of school to pursue his dream of becoming a lifeguard at the iconic Bondi Beach. He also founded the online e-commerce bed mattress business, 10 pm.

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00:01:42 Hollywood is missing
00:02:19 Was Ben happy with the plane?
00:02:52 Shoutout to the Meriton
00:04:07 Introducing today’s guest Harrison Reid
00:06:16 Starting as a lifeguard in New Zealand
00:09:13 Watching Bondi Rescue and goals
00:10:50 Knowing you’re ready at 16
00:12:25 Getting on the show
00:14:35 The difference of Bondi Rescue
00:15:41 Yesterday’s incident and lifeguarding
00:20:46 Lifeguarding as a profession
00:23:14 Big stories
00:30:03 Float to survive campaign and rips
00:37:27 10pm mattress business
00:50:09 Biggest challenges for 10pm
00:55:25 Taking on the big players
00:57:17 Memory foam pillows
00:59:27 Why not expand beyond Sydney?
01:03:27 How often are you on the beach?
01:05:38 Incident at the beach and paramedics
01:08:09 Mental health first aid
01:09:10 Bondi and sharks
01:13:04 Rat in the skate bowl
01:15:11 Ben’s fishing story
01:18:25 Have you had any returns and return rate
01:20:57 What’s the scene like? Any girls?
01:24:28 Funny Uber eats date story
01:27:35 Finding your passion
01:29:15 Thanks and goodbye

Guest Intro

As if saving lives isn’t enough, today’s guest stars in one of Australia’s longest-running and widely-broadcast reality TV shows.

Born and bred by the beach in Christchurch, this Kiwi quickly made himself at home in the waves at Bondi after fleeing a frosty New Zealand winter in 2013.

But while being a lifeguard bestows you god-like status Down Under, our next guest warns he’s had to bear witness to scenes he won’t soon forget.

He’s one of the stars of Network Ten’s Logie Award-winning series, Bondi Rescue, give it up for celebrity lifeguard, Harrison Reid.

Thanks for coming on Hazza…

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