Greg Hocking and Andrew Stuart are the co-founders of one of Melbourne’s most successful property groups – HockingStuart. They share their journey of building their revered real estate empire. 


02:46 Welcome to Andrew Stuart and Greg Hocking
04:35 Back where HockingStuart Real Estate began
07:40 First office space
08:40 Without a shopfront, how do you convince people to list with you?
09:52 Making a difference, standing out from the crowd, working Sundays
11:09 Further points of differences, team culture and environment
13:00 The franchising and success
15:43 Strength of the Hocking Stuart brand and timing
16:30 How did the sale offer come about? And was this always the plan?
21:21 Dynamic of business change, working with other business partners
24:05 Working with partners, how to work together and with teams and different attitudes
27:37 Work ethic and whatever it takes
30:43 Greg’s next steps after the sale of Greg Hocking Real Estate
35:00 Greg coming back to real estate, changes to the industry and current challenges
36:05 Intentions to sell again, or not? and moving into retirement
37:42 Andrew’s property business and vendor advocacy and move to the country
39:26 What advice to listeners about business mindset
47:00 Superpower in business by having good partners
49:36 Where the market is at currently and interest rates/mortgage stress
52:55 Market sentiment currently
54:44 Keeping real estate business going during softer markets
58:37 Advice for people starting a business
59:29 Investing in commercial property investment
1:02:13 Shout out Big Al

Guest Intro

Today’s guests are none other than the co-founders of one of Melbourne’s most successful property groups – Hocking Stuart.

Under their leadership, what began as one humble Albert Park office in 1985 quickly snowballed into 43 at the time of its 2007 sale.

After 27 years at the helm of Hocking Stuart, building a revered real estate empire, our next guests then funnelled their decades of industry experience into their own respective businesses. One is a new vendor advisory firm specialising in smooth sales processes, and the other is a leading real estate network that prides itself on doing things differently.

Today, they’re the owners of Greg Hocking Real Estate and Andrew Stuart Property,

give it up for the men themselves – Greg Hocking and Andrew Stuart.

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