When undertaking your residential development project, is the plan to sell your dwellings off the plan and still achieve a premium result?

Well, stick around because in this article I’m going to break down everything that you need to know on how to select a good real estate agent to facilitate those record-breaking sales you’ll no doubt be chasing.

Let’s get into it.

First up, it needs to be said that all sales agents aren’t the same.

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Horses for Courses

Just because an agent might be the leading agent in a particular area, it doesn’t make him or her the best person to sell your dwellings.

It’s not to say that they aren’t, rather there is more to it than just that.

If your main goal is to partner with the most prolific agent in the given area, this could get you in trouble.

You need to dig deeper and figure out your local agent that has the most experience selling property off the plan townhouses.

Not just the one with the most significant local presence and the most listings.

Agents with experience selling off the plan can understand working drawings, fixtures, fittings and finishes and know how to sell the dream.

Because at the end of the day that’s what you are selling. A promise that you will deliver on that dream.

It’s not as simple as most would think.

If the most experienced off the plan sales agent in your area also happens to have the most listings, that’s a home run.

But, from experience, this is less likely given off the plan agents are specialists.

In my opinion, partnering with an off the plan specialist carries more weight than partnering with the most prominent agent with the most listings.

Here Are 5 Things You Need to Consider Before Locking in Your Agent

1. Comparable and Active Listings

Look for an agent that has comparable and active listings to your project. They can suggest your project to those buyers.

2. Strong Presence in The Area

Look for an agent that has a strong presence and prominent office in the area so they can bring buyers back and give the full marketing experience.

Sharing the plans, materials selections and any other marketing assets that you tool them up with.

They can also show off your site in their window to local foot traffic.

This isn’t the be-all and end-all, but it all helps, and you never know where your buyer is going to come from, the more bases you have covered, the better.

3. Negotiate a Fair Commission Rate

You need to figure out and negotiate a fair commission rate. This will come down to what you are selling, the expected completion date (that’s when they get paid), the area and price point etc.

It’s always good to talk to other agents for perspective and to get a feel for where the fair value sits.

4. Partner With Someone You Can Trust

You will be working with the agent for the duration of your project so you need to partner with someone you get along with from a personality perspective but also someone that you can trust.

You need to have confidence that the feedback they are giving you is true and accurate, and you need to have faith that they are working on your behalf behind the scenes.

5. Do Your Own Research

When deciding how to select a good real estate agent you need to take recommendations with a grain of salt. You should know better than anyone what you need and what you are looking for, so do your own research.

You will have friends and family make suggestions and put agents they have used forward. The stakes are too high to try someone out based on a recommendation.

You need to roll the sleeves and figure out how to select a good real estate agent for your project.

Hopefully, what I have shared has got you heading in the right direction.

And finally, if possible, you can use it as an opportunity to connect with a local agent that is actively selling development sites, because ideally, they will be able to help you identify your next site.

Wrapping Up

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