Iain Findlay, the AFL’s Player Advocate for 40+ years shares inside stories from famous cases involving Tony Lockett, Garry Ablett Sr, Wayne Carey, and Barry Hall. He also recounts his experiences as an armed robbery cop, including being shot twice.

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00:56 The Dilemma
4:06 Introducing Lain Findlay
5:53 Heading to War
8:28 Life as an Armed Robbery Cop
19:55 Leaving the Force
21:13 Getting shot twice
27:00 Barry Hall and Brent Staker
28:12 Chris grant Brownlow story
33:09 Advice for Life
35:55 Brendan Fevola Story
37:09 Learning the Ropes
38:58 Glenn Archer’s bike crash
39:24 The Best Sports Stories
43:56 Wayne Carey Story
47:20 Tim Watson story
48:29 Learned Lessons
51:45 The Scandals
55:02 Final Words

Guest Intro

Today we dive into the world of sports law with a true champion of player advocacy. A former police officer and Vietnam Vet.

With almost 4 decades of experience as the AFL Player Advocate, he’s been a fearless defender of player rights and welfare, providing legal counsel to athletes, coaches, and clubs.

He has provided counsel for some of Australia’s sport’s most high-profile cases, particularly in the AFL.

So, buckle up and prepare for some electrifying war stories from a true legend working tirelessly behind the scenes at the AFL.

Welcome, Mr Ian Findlay!

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