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Property Development Agreement – Explained in 7 Simple Steps

by Peter Kelly | Developer Insights, All
property development agreement

Are you wondering what a property development agreement is? It is typically an agreement between two or more parties. These parties are usually a landowner and a property developer. It governs each party’s individual rights and responsibilities. There are numerous types of potential agreements that property developers work with. But for the purpose of thisRead More

Real Estate Developer – How to Undertake Due-Diligence on a Residential Development Site

by Peter Kelly | All, Developer Insights
real estate developer

Are you a would-be real estate developer looking to undertake due diligence on potential real estate development sites? Well, stick around because, in this article, I’m going to share all the factors that I consider when determining the viability of a potential dual occupancy development site. You’ve heard me say this many times. Real estateRead More

5 Property Development Books That You Need to Read

by Peter Kelly | All, Developer Insights
property development books

This article is about the five property development books that you need to read. Actually, I think I’ll throw in a sixth for good measure so make sure you read right through until the end. At Little Fish Property Developments, we have a saying. Knowledge is power, but it’s also money. No one gets intoRead More