This week, we explore the art of interior design mastery with Rebeka Morgan, Director at BuildHer Collective. Rebeka shares game-changing strategies for maximising value through smart material selection, strategic budgeting, and creating impactful spaces. Unlock essential tips to balance your design dreams with cost efficiency and discover where to invest for the highest returns!

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00:00 – Introduction
02:51 – Meet Rebeka Morgan, Director at BuildHer Collective
03:54 – The Birth of BuildHer Collective
08:14 – Unleashing the Value of Interiors
15:00 – Mastering Material Selection
18:00 – Budgeting: Navigating the Interior Design Landscape
19:53 – Carpet vs. Floorboards
21:57 – Balancing Act: Tips for Bringing Design Dreams to Reality
26:27 – What To Spend Money On
31:14 – Joinery: What’s The Limit
33:40 – To BBQ or Not to BBQ?
38:00 – The Power of Using an Agent
41:56 – This or That: Rapid-Fire Design Decisions
50:12 – Recap: Key Insights
54:50 – Bek’s Interior Wisdom: Expert Advice for Design Success
57:20 – Outro

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