We sit down with Isaac Smith in our next episode of the Podcast, arguably the best modern-day wingman we’ve seen.

The boy from Cootamundra and 3-time premiership player talks about his footy beginnings, team culture and leadership.

Isaac shares that one time Luke Laughton called out the big dogs on the team … you won’t want to miss that story!

He shares his real and true experience of what a grand final is like and what he comedically deems to be the biggest issue AFL players have. Isaac also shares how he felt about moving from the Hawks to the Cats and when he knew it was time to go. 


4:21 The beginnings
9:16 The first draft
11:29 Meeting the team for the first time
16:08 Team culture is everything
18:38 The footy pay gap
19:51 When Luke Laughton called out the big dogs
21:43 The hardest thing in leadership
25:55 Everyone wants the same thing
27:14 Where does the hunger come from
30:31 The experience of a grand final
34:20 Moving from the Hawks to the Cats
39:37 The difference between the clubs
45:53 My restaurant JAMU
47:33 What’s next?

Guest Intro

Now guys… do we have a cracker today.

Dan, brother, how are you feeling over there. I know you’re pumped.

The boy from Cootamundra, 3 X time Premiership Player, arguably the best modern-day wingman we’ve seen…

Give it up for Isaac Smith.

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