Phar-jack Jack Jenkins: 9-fight win streak, former Dana White contender, HEX fighting legend, and future Volk challenger? Dive into the wild and electrifying journey of Australia’s UFC sensation. From Baccus Marsh roots to UFC stardom, discover the story behind the “one-trick pony.”


5:50 Welcome, Jack Jenkins
8:18 How They Grade Jr JuiJitsu Belts
8:58 How He Got Started Fighting
12:16 Jack’s Debut Fight and Going Pro
15:08 The Road to UFC
19:47 Different Fighting Styles
24:56 Favorite Martial Art
25:54 What’s The Most Dominate Skill at the Moment?
27:34 Staying Focused
30:35 Fighting as a Kid
32:53 Learning to Fight
37:47 Finding a Coach
40:28 Cross-training & Becoming #1
43:40 Fighting Alexander Volkanovski
46:41 Shannon Ross UFC 290 Loss
50:15 The Stakes Are High
53:23:13 The Fish Tank
57:44 Hanging with the NELK Boys
1:03:19 Why He Doesn’t Have a Manager
1:08:11 Getting Sponsored

Guest Intro

Today’s guest is a UFC fighter on a 9-fight win streak.

Before blasting into the UFC with a controversial but dominant performance on Dana White’s contender series, he cut his teeth in the HEX fighting series; and was the featherweight champion at Eternal MMA.

From sparring with the Volk to the UFC’s bright lights, we get to unpack the life of one of the UFC and Australia’s hottest prospects.

If you know, you know.

Give it up for the Baccus Marsh-born, the one-trick pony himself, Phar-jack Jack Jenkins.

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