Jaimie Fuller, former Executive Chairman of sportswear brand SKINS and Chairman and co-founder of sports technology company eo, joins us to discuss his activism against doping, corruption, and homophobia in elite sports. Jamie shares his insights on improving the sporting landscape and promoting human rights.


00:01:48 Back at the Meriton Suites
00:02:48 Is Benny dying his hair?
00:05:41 The kids growing up
00:06:35 Demise of the taxi industry
00:11:35 Who is Jamie Fuller? The beginning
00:15:28 Buying SKINS
00:17:50 Three numbers
00:19:00 Taking ownership at 49%
00:20:49 The SKINS name
00:22:08 The first ad campaign
00:22:53 Growing the business and marketing
00:26:06 Bringing it all together
00:27:46 Competing brands and innovation
00:31:15 What Skins got wrong
00:34:25 Revenue at the peak
00:37:10 What made you want to buy in?
00:39:20 The stand-out campaigns
00:43:19 Why did you care about FIFA’ corruption?
00:47:30 Were you ever worried about your safety?
00:50:30 Heads rolling, corruption and doping in cycling
00:57:55 Relationship with Lance Armstrong
01:01:55 Cultural issues in cycling
01:05:11 The temptation to dope and cheat
01:06:38 The new venture – EO
01:10:25 Power measuring device for swimmers
01:14:15 Swimming and the data
01:16:45 Bone conduction broadcast possibilities
01:21:45 The challenges with the device and software
01:22:05 Technology and sport
01:23:55 Whose idea was the wearable and next devices
01:27:55 Why the AFL is scared of technology
01:29:04 Sweat wearable device
01:32:36 A question about patents
01:35:55 Branding for EO and its products
01:40:10 A plug for EO Lab

Guest Intro

Today’s guest is the former Executive Chairman and owner of one of the world’s most well-known sportswear brands, SKINS.

A key figure on the worldwide sporting scene, he’s a staunch opponent of doping, homophobia and corruption in elite sports.

He was the key decision maker behind SKINS dropping Melbourne Storm following its salary cap scandal, a founder of the international pressure group, Change Cycling Now, and the voice behind countless global campaigns, including #ChooseTheRightTrack, #NewFIFANow and #RainbowLaces.

Following the SKINS’ collapse in 2019, our next guest founded an award-winning Australian sports technology company, EO Lab, innovating products designed to improve the sporting landscape.

Give it up for sports fanatic, global speaker, human rights champion and entrepreneur, Jamie Fuller.

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