Jason Daniel propelled LSKD from a humble start into an $80M global street and sportswear empire. He’s a former motocross athlete turned business savage; in today’s pod, he shares his journey to the top, including his incredible wins, losses, and invaluable lessons.


00:00 Welcome to the LSKD Rooftop!
04:04 Introducing Jason Daniel
07:06 How He Got Started
11:49 Lessons in Leadership
16:34 Picking the Right Path
19:16 LSKD 6 Core Values
24:05 Growing the Team
28:20 The Light Bulb Moment
32:21 Rough Times
34:47 Building Your Community
37:58 Moving LSKD to E-commerce
40:03 Learning Digital Marketing
44:31 Competing with the Big Boys
48:51 Setting Goals and Being an Inspiration
52:37 Working with Celebrities
55:13 Building the LSKD Team
59:18 The Fish Tank
1:07:17 Final Words

Guest Intro

Today’s guest is the CEO and founder of a global street and sportswear brand that has been making waves across the globe.

With explosive growth from circa 1.7 million in sales to a staggering 80 million in just four years.

Capturing the hearts of celebrities like Zac Efron, Hilary Duff, and Lucy Hale in the process.

He’s a former motocross athlete turned business savage, having clinched the 2021 Gold Coast Entrepreneur of the Year award.

It all started from humble beginnings as a carpenter with a passion for fitness and action sports.

Give it up for one of the game’s most exciting and dynamic entrepreneurs, LSKD’s top dog Jason Daniel.

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